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Great grass. To grow great grass you need good dirt – healthy humus rich soil filled with earthworms and beneficial microbes.
To create good soil, you need an annual application of organic material such as autumn leaves or Canadian sphagnum...
Why overseed? When needed, overseeding when needed will improve a lawn significantly and make it much harder for weeds to become established. Grass needs to be revitalized every few years or when there has been drought situations in your area...
Why aerate? Compacted soil prevents grass from establishing a healthy root system and keeps vital nutrients from reaching the turf roots. Through aeration, soil becomes less compacted and is exposed...

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  • We love our new fence! The craftsmanship is first class and there were no cutting corners. The estimate was accurate and the cost was affordable. The crew was polite, respectful and worked hard. I love how much you, the owner of the company, was involved; we didn’t just have some crew show up we never met before and generically put up a fence. Any specifications we had was addressed and everything was cleared by us first. You care about your customer individually and your work. Our fence was put up promptly and you were a pleasure to work with.

    Again we are so impressed with your company! After the successful completion of the fence, you put our patio in and we love it. You had such a difficult area to work with and so many restriction things you had to work around. You let us know all of our option before you started, and then as things came up you asked us which way we wanted to go. You worked until you got it exactly how we wanted it (which was no easy task) and exactly how you wanted it. It doubt any other company would have had the patience to finish it so beautifully. You truly care about your customer and the quality of your work. Thanks again!


  • I love Remy Landscaping. I have used them for landscaping, lawn mowing and snow removal. I find the prices reasonable and the work done beyond my expectation. I have 14 acres of land and last year I was in an auto accident. I was able to have my gardens and my trees mulched and my grass mowed. Remy was very efficient with both the mulching and mowing. I also used them during the huge snow storms we had. I would highly recommend this company and it’s services.

    * The little house at windswept THE LITTLE HOUSE AT WINDSWEPT *

  • I have found Remy Landscaping to be efficient and very through. I have used this company for my Landscaping needs. Each services was performed above my expectations. I highly recommend this company if you are looking for a professional landscaper. I also recommend this company for snow removal. We are business, and during the big snows I was only shut down during the heaviest snow fall. I was able to get into the office the very next day. I was thrilled with the efficient and fast service.

    Ben Brown Ins.